This is an exercise

So I saw the kings of my entire universe Red Hot Chili Peppers from the 19th row last night and it was a truly life-altering experience. I burst into tears when Anthony came onstage and spent half the first song trying to stop hyperventilating and crying. I screamed so much and so loudly that my throat throbbed like something was wrong by the 3rd song, so naturally I kept screaming and shouting every word. It was just such a beautiful and overwhelming experience that affected me so deeply I am still at a loss for words. But they’re my home. They’re home to me. They have been for 10 years now and will forever remain as such. No man has had quite as profound and lasting of an influence on my life as Anthony. And since last night I’ve just been overwhelmed by this tangible creative energy that’s pushing me to make major changes in my life. I just want to live inside this feeling and make the most of it. I hope it stays.